Pangea JSC continues cooperation with Saratov SKB SP JSC

In 2018, Pangea JSC purchased more than 1000 pieces of cable-free autonomous single-channel recorders SCOUT (BAR1.2 with external Wi-Fi antenna) from SKB SP JSC.

During two field seasons this equipment was actively used as part of combined recording installations in the Orenburg region and Krasnoyarsk Krai. Due to competent and professional support of SKB SP specialists in the field operation of SCOUT units, their use gave a significant production effect. PANGEA personnel was previously trained to work with this modern equipment.

Within the framework of partner cooperation SKB SP also carried out off-season repair of SCOUT nodal sensors. Thus, at the end of 2021, more than 203 units were repaired under factory conditions.

The cooperation between SKB SP and PANGEA continues. In the future — pilot operation of new developments in the field of recording equipment, pulse excitation sources and auxiliary equipment.

For reference

SKB SP JSC is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of geophysical equipment. The main activities are production of cable and cableless data acquisition systems for 2D, 3D, 4D seismic exploration on land and in transit zones, production of synchronization systems, production of equipment for electrical exploration, as well as production of service equipment for repair shops and laboratories.

The cableless SCOUT system developed in the Saratov SKB of seismic instrumentation has proved to be a reliable tool for both small 2D projects and large 3D projects. SCOUT allows to realize unique projects together with traditional cable systems in difficult orohydrographic and climatic conditions with maximum respect to the environment, significantly reducing the time and cost of the project. The cableless SCOUT system is a vivid example of real import substitution in the field of high technologies in Russian geological exploration.